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Best House Plan for 1 Kanal Home

Best House Plan for 1 Kanal Home

1 Kanal House Plan requires a large amount of plot material, exterior and interior information to design a final 1 kanal house plan. 1 Kanal plot size is large enough is a good-sized plot to easily and spaciously accommodated a family of 10 to 15 members. A 1 Kanal plot equals 2 Marla, 4500 square feet, 419 square meters, and 500 square yards (Gazz). The house design in Pakistan configuration may include single, double, or triple floors as per the requirement and budget of the owner.

An expert house planner will keep in mind all the details required to design a house plan with complete success and minimize all the errors. With 50 X 90 land area in 1 Kanal house plan may include some basic design features such as 4 to 6 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, garage with two parking spaces, lounge, dining area, decent sized kitchen, terrace, a mid-sized lawn, basement, and a back yard.

1 Kanal House Plan:

Every person has their desire and requirements to design a house plan on 1 Kanal of land area. Following are the floor plans:

Floor Plan 1:

Covered Area on Ground Floor: 3,103 square feet
Covered Area on the First Floor: 2,610 square feet
Bedrooms: 6 (Ground Floor & First Floor 3 each)
Bathrooms: 6
Terrace: 2

Floor Plan A for Ground Floor:

Such large land area plots like this 1 Kanal is enough to construct a spacious house. These plots are perfect for joint family systems where more than 10 family members or more than 1 family can live in one house.  The ground floor has a large drawing room with dimensions 18 X 14 right next to the entrance. This design is convenient to preserve privacy. The non-family guests could be taken straight to the drawing-room.

Then comes the dining area 18 X 10 attached with lounge and kitchen 16 X 16 and 16 X 16 respectively. A bathroom 6 X 8 is also attached to the kitchen. The lounge has an attached side lawn with the size of 6 X 16.  There are 3 bedrooms with dimensions 14 X 14, 16 X 14, and 16 X 15. Two attached bathrooms are given for these bedrooms; two bedrooms share one with 15 X 6 and 6 X 8. One of the bedrooms also has a storeroom of 42 square feet.  A laundry area of 35 square feet is also designed at the back of the house, with a dedicated staircase leading to the servant quarter. A straight narrow passage also leads to the backyard from the front side of the house.

Floor Plan A for First Floor:

Going upstairs from the lobby, you witness a beautiful view from the massive terrace in the front of the house. The first floor has its separate kitchen and a storeroom with 125 square feet and 8 X 4 respectively.  The 11 X 15 bedroom has an attached 15 X 6 bathroom and a dressing area of 36 square feet. A separate terrace also has access from the sitting Area of 18 X 18, leading to 2 bedrooms 16 X 20 and 16 X 14, respectively. Both rooms have attached bathrooms and storerooms of 36 square feet. There is a 14 X 9 servant quarter at the back with its dedicated entrance to the hind of the terrace and spiral staircase leading down to the back yard of the house.

Floor Plan 2:

Covered Area on the ground floor: 2, 210 square feet
Covered Area on the first floor: 1, 815 square feet
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5
Terrace: 2

1 kanal house design in pakistan


Floor Plan B for Ground Floor:

In total, both the floors cover an approximate area of 3 950 square feet. The ground floor starts with a porch of dimensions 24 X 17 with a direct entrance to the 181 square feet drawing room and a 13 X 10 dining area with a 7 X 4 attached bathroom. This drawing room is perfect for hosting large gatherings and occasions with a large number of guests.  A 6 X 10 lobby gives access to the 26 X 20 lounge. To the right side of the house, there is situated an 18 X 12 kitchen. A 12 X 14 bedroom with 6 X 12 attached bathroom. A staircase leads to the first floor from the lounge.

Floor Plan B for the First Floor:

The floor plan B for the first floor consists of a 13 X 17 bedroom and an attached 6 X 17 bathroom with an exclusive terrace. There is also a 14 X 7 storeroom. The second bedroom is 12 X 16 with a 6 X 16 attached bathroom. It also has access from 209 square feet sitting area, leading to the third 13 X 15 bedroom with a 6 X 15 attached bathroom and a terrace that gives a beautiful view of the house’s main entrance.  The spiral staircase at the hind of the house has access to the 120 square feet servant quarter, which is entirely separate from the house with a 6 X 4 attached bathroom.



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