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Essential Window Safety Tips for Every Home

Essential Window Safety Tips for Every Home

The easiest way to enter illegally to anyone’s home is through an open window, whether you live in a house or a flat. For this, you can ensure better safety tips for home members and your valuable accessories by implementing the general home safety tips we’re sharing in this blog.

Changing the Rusty Locks

You should always have a working mechanism lock that allows you to close and lock the windows for security. If your locks have become rusty, broken or stuck over a while, it is time to replace them as soon as possible as nothing is more important than your family’s safety while you sleep soundly at night.

Safety tips for home


Installing Iron Grills

Securing your windows with the help of safety grills for windows. Ensure that the iron grill on the windows is always welded, rather than being fitted or screwed in. However, this makes it much harder to pull them off or to break them apart while entering a home. In Pakistan, there are lots of iron grill designs for windows and door grill designs for houses.

Iron grill Window For safety


Window Pin Lock

Window pin locks can be installed by drilling one small hole or two in the window frame depending on where you place the holes, so you can lock your window in place. Pin lock windows can also work on a sliding window. The pin locks block the track so that the window cannot be opened.

Pin lock for window home safety


Window Alarms

Install window alarms these wireless alarms will make a noise when the window is opened with illegal practice. The warning alarm may be enough to scare robbers away before the sound attracts attention.

alarm lock for home safety


Keyed Lock

Keyed locks are an excellent way to secure your windows. The lock is acquired to the side or bottom frame of a single or double-hung window and sliding windows, and you’ll need a key to open the window. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep the key nearby in case an emergency occurs.

Key lock for home safety


Security Bar

Adjusts the size of the security bar of your window’s track or a wooden rod to fit into the track. This is the simplest hack to prevent a sliding window from being opened. Safety grills for sliding windows. You can simply just prop the bar up when you want to open the window.

Safety tips for window


Installing Tempered Glass

Tempered glass has a higher resistance to hurt or damage, and will be a lot harder to break if a robber wants to enter your home by breaking the tempered glass. Windows with laminated safety glass or double-glazed windows are the best bet to improve window safety. Since tempered glass also offers better heat resistance and soundproofing, you’ll also enjoy a more refreshing and quieter indoors.

Tempered glass for home safety


Change the Glass if Broken

Replace broken window panes as soon as possible so that opportunistic thieves do not find their illegal path into your property.

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